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Frequently Asked Questions 

Ask me anything!!

I promise I don’t bite <3

+ How do I book a boudoir session with you? First, all you need to do is send me a message or complete the contact me form below so we can set up your phone call consultation! Click here for all my contact information

Contact Me!

At this time we will go over details, session fees, dates available, ect. I also have a pricing guide that we will go over during your consultation- this will really help break down your boudoir session experience,  products offered, and what to expect in terms of payment and ordering options.

+ Do you travel?

Yes! I will travel, please just let me know as this will take a little bit more planning, the costs may differ as this is a more custom experience tailored to fit YOU and your flawlessness - Likely I will rent our an Airbnb, flight costs, and rental cars depending on where. - If this is something you are interested I highly suggest asking about this in advance so we can make sure your vision comes to life. 

+ How far in advance should have my session?

I recommend at least 4 weeks in advance, if you plan on doing a payment plan please plan an extra few weeks in order to get all your payments in before product delivery. - This ensures that 1. You will have paid your session fee in advance, 2. Time for editing and set up your viewing and ordering session, 3. Product delivery will be on time for your plans - This can all be discussed over the phone or in-person during your pre-consultation

+ Is the Session Fee applied to my order?

No, the session fee is not included and is completely separate from your order. Please use the Contact Me link above so we can schedule your free phone consultation for a breakdown of all the pretty details. The session fee DOES however cover your session time, hair and makeup (per specific session fees), access to my client closet, ordering and viewing appointments, editing, product delivery/custom design, and packaging.

+ Are Payment Plans Available to book out? Yes! I offer a few different payment plan options so that once you pay your session fee and pick out what Collection you want for your products, we can talk about what works best for you! 

+ If I do my own hair and makeup is there a discount? You can absolutely do your own hair and makeup - but since this is complementary in my sessions no discounts are available. However, most clients choose to have these services included. Hair and makeup are done by my professional stylists and trust me… they do phenomenal work, leaving you feeling pampered and relaxed by the end of it.

+ Do you sell digital files?

Yes, digital packages are available - we also go over this in your consultation as there are multiple digital options. 

What is the turnaround time for products/delivery? Generally allow a month for your orders to come through, this includes the editing process, ordering & viewing session & delivery time - Be mindful of when you order in case you are wanting your images and products delivered in time for special occasions. - Also keep in mind PEAK seasons like Christmas or Valentine's day, due to shipping concerns please plan in advance if you choose to order for these times. 

+Do You Offer Couples Boudoir Sessions? Yes! I do! Please be advised that there is a separate questionnaire and process for couples sessions and this will need to be discussed before booking is completed

Can I bring a friend/SO? You can but please be advised they will have to wait outside the studio doors. This way you are not concerned with anyone else in the room besides you, me, and my stylist for a brief moment. (unless you have booked a couples session, then only you and I will be in the studio while shooting)

Having 1 on 1 time really helps bring YOU out in your session. My space is created so that you can be as authentic and relaxed as possible creating a safe place for the shoot. So for me, it's super important that you feel comfortable. As I said though, please if you feel nervous coming alone you may absolutely bring a friend or SO with you for support and they can wait for you outside the studio until the session is done <3

+  What if I start my period before my session? That's totally fine and a really common concern that clients have. I do not reschedule for periods. As long as you are comfortable wearing a tampon we are good to go. If you have other concerns regarding your cycle, just let me know and we can certainly work around it! 

+ Does everyone get naked? Nope, not everyone does. When you book your session I send out my questionnaire to get to know you a little better, what your expectations are, your comfort level, and what inspired you to book a session I trust that you've come this far in seeking out information that you are fully aware what a boudoir session is.

+ I don’t know how to pose!? Help!? Trust me... I got you! I have a number of poses and directions during your session so I capture all of your gorgeous assets. You never have to worry about posing. Also If there are areas you are not as comfortable with exposing this can be addressed in the questionnaire I send out as well.

What do I wear? This is a good question! This is also part of my questionnaire but here’s a little breakdown. Some gals wear teddy’s/one-piece outfits, sexy loose shirts, cheeky underwear, garters/stockings, spouses' clothes, ect…

I also have a client closet that ranges in sizes and styles that I frequently add new pieces. So this is constantly updated. I also wrote a blog on my favorite places to shop for lingerie which you can find here. And one last thing, this is also something will we discuss so you can bring your boudoir vision come to life.

What is your scheduling/cancellation policy? You are allowed ONE complimentary rescheduling date. I understand things come up/happen where you need to move your original date. If you need to reschedule for a second time you'll just need to pay another full booking fee to choose a new date on the calendar. You can refer to your contract regarding this matter once you book in. 

+ Do I have to share my images online?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. I never make you do something you're not comfortable with! There are plenty of ladies who have had a session with me and you'll never see one photo. This is a choice that you all make after your session is complete. You have 3 choices on how your images are shared, if at all.  All you need to do is ask about my model release and how it works!

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