What Does a "Full" Set Look Like?

August, 19th, 2020

Ever wonder what a typical boudoir session looks like? Here's a lowdown!  

I usually begin every session by chatting with my clients about how they're doing and how they are feeling about the session. Then I like to have them bring out all the outfits they brought with them for the session. 

After that, I like to start the session off with an out that is a little more "conservative" - that all depends on what the client brought too. I do this because having a boudoir session can be nervewracking and uncomfortable for anyone, and it helps to get into the flow of the session. 

After that, I go to the outfit they like but isn't their favorite but at this point, they know what poses to expect and anticipate; they become more comfortable throughout the session.

Then I save the best/favorite outfit for last! The client is feelin' themselves, we've had a few giggles, I've gotten to hype them up and I've shown them "back of the camera" examples of the session. 

Lastly, if the client wants to go somewhat nude, this is an option best saved for last! I also offer "wet t-shirt session/shower sessions" - Going somewhat nude or full nude is NOT a requirement for my sessions, but honestly, it's totally worth it! 

Thanks for reading! I hope that gives some insight! 

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