Where to Shop?

August 26th, 2020

You're probably wondering how and where to find things, especially in 2020. Well unless you know your size to a TEE or if you have time to buy and return then online shopping could be a really great resource. Personally I don't remember the last time I stepped into a lingerie store and purchased lingerie - and no I don't mean a panty and bra set. 

Below I'm going to list my top three favorite online places. For any online find, I strongly suggest reading reviews, closely and honestly with your own size in mind. - What I mean by this is to pay close attention and make choices based on how the confidence it will bring you. 

 I hope some of my online suggestions help in your search! 


1. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a great place for some really unique, super sexy, and trendy items. You could literally find a whole look here for some decent quality lingerie and clothing. Plus it's also a good place for mixing and matching and getting inspo for a new look. 


2. Amazon

Amazon is another really great place to look. They literally have EVERYTHING. I have a list of recommendations from this site on another post coming out soon - I will link this here soon! 

But back to what I was saying, not only do they offer 2-day shipping on Amazon Prime items but its a perfect place to shop for affordable accessories; fishnets, high-waisted fishnets, pasties, cage bras, body chains, jewelry...SO much. 10/10 recommend. 



So far my absolute favorite and incredibly affordable place to get lingerie items is Shein. It takes a month for your items to arrive unless you pay extra for shipping but its totally worth it! 

This is a site you absolutely must read the reviews carefully beforehand. They are a Chinese company and their sizes can definitely very.

Chances are the reviews are on point, just read carefully and pay attention to the height and weight measurements when you read them. 

I hope this helps!

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