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How to Stay Sane during this Insane Time

Alright, I know there are probably a ton of blogs, tips, advice and content creators jumping on this topic so It’s old news. I get it, I do. BUT I thought a lot about it and the ups, downs, struggles, wins, and set backs I’ve personally experienced this year and I wanted to share my take on it. After reviewing this year (this year being since the Pandemic started and where it’s at now), I wanted to really reflect on where I ended up in all of it. I am only going to write 5 tips cause I could write for days but these are the most important in my eyes - Appreciation, Adapt, Gratitude, & Well-Being.

Appreciation. I never realized how MUCH the little things matter so much, something as so simple as going to the gym or getting out of the house. For myself - I took for granted all the days I was able to go to the gym in the morning. I got to a point in my fitness and health goals where I felt SO good. I was on a high!….Then I got sick, then the world shut down. This set my health and fitness level back so much so that it started to affect my mental health, and still sometimes does. This taught me more than just appreciation, it also taught me to adapt and change.

Adapt. As an adult it’s, hard to change right? We like our routines and the stability it gives us. BUT WOAH… did that change drastically or what? For me the pandemic forced me to look at my way of life before and make some major changes to it. In more than just my daily routine but also in my mindset, health, and by the other people I surround myself with. The change I’ve gone through has been hard but it has been worth it. I had to adapt in order to get through all the weird things going on around that me I couldn’t control. I am grateful that I am still able to adapt through strange times.

Gratitude. Be grateful. It’s so simple the things we take for granted. Be grateful that your loved ones are still here, take advantage of the time that you DO get with them because you never know when those moments will fade away. Many of us have lost loved ones to this virus, while others are still fighting for their lives and experiencing life altering changes because of it. For MONTHS I was not able to see my grandparents because I was worried and didn’t want them to get sick. In the beginning, nobody knew anything about the virus and we were basically flying blind. Towards the end of the year, I chose to finally see my grandparents and I am so grateful I did. My grandpa passed away right before thanksgiving (not covid related) but had I not taken the time to see him I may never have gotten to say goodbye. I urge everyone to express your gratitude for your loved ones. Be safe about seeing them, and take the time to say I love you.

Well-Being. This one is big for me currently. Taking care of your well-being is extremely important especially in the long run. I decided to read more, add more water to my diet, TAKE VITAMINS - Please DO, and DO your research or speak to a doctor about which ones you should take. Exercise! I thought I could only get a “good” workout in if I went to the gym. FALSE. I can honestly say I created a whole new at home booty workout during the first lock down and now I got ass for days, LOL - what girl doesn’t love having a nice firm butt? Anyway… Well-being goes far beyond just what you put into your body and exercise, it also means taking care of your mental health. I think a lot of us put ourselves on the back burner to meet these pretend expectations that we think we need to me. Well having expectations, but be realistic about it and pay attention when you need to slow down and give yourself a break. Lockdown forced me to take a good look at my own inner peace and happiness and I wasn’t very happy with certain aspects in my life. I took the time to breath, slow down, and really reevaluate where the fuck I was in my life and where I want to go and who I want to come with me. If there’s anything that this pandemic has taught me is who is real, who is actually important, WHAT is important to me, and that I am 100% allows to set boundaries in order to keep my mental state in a state of peace and happiness.

Anyways, I truly hope this helps all of you in some sort of way. The next blog will be about different hobbies and trying new things. - XOXO - Katie 

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