What to Expect / A Session With Katie Michelle Photography

August 5th, 2020

So let me just start by saying thanks for making it this far in my blog! If you are here it just means you are one step closer to getting out of your comfort zone and getting to your badass self. Heck yes!

+ Before Your Session +

+ So however you may have found me, be that Instagram, Facebook, Referrals, Friendship, ect... Each encounter will begin with a personal email from me. I will send you a detailed questionnaire that will help me understand what your expectations are, what your goals for the session are, what inspires you, what makes you nervous for the session, and a little background about yourself; basically questions that will allow me to get to know you a little better before your session and ensure your session is perfectly tailored to you.

+ Next, I will schedule a time to call you and talk about a typical session, or the current specials I am offering for sessions, what to expect, calm some nerves if you have them and answer any questions you have about me or about the session in general. 

+ After talking we will discuss some dates that work so we can book you, a nonrefundable + deposit is required for each session to ensure you're date, time, and makeup artist. 

+ Speaking of which, all my hair and makeup is done through Becca at 3107 Salon (She is amazzzing and also my best friend)

+ I will also send a follow-up email with details on Do's & Don'ts (I highly recommend checking this out, lots of good information in there to make sure you look your best)   before your session, check-in with you for any last-minute concerns or ideas,  and share my Boudoir Pinterest Board for outfit inspo, posing to expect, and a general feel for what my sessions will be 

+ During Your Session +

- Look at you you're a badass babe owning her body, that's legit as fuck. 

+ When you arrive at your session I recommend you arrive alone as this will really get you comfortable and relaxed for the whole duration of the session. - This will ensure that you are your authentic self without anyone else behind the lens, aside from me, to distract or take away from your natural beauty. 

+ Water, Champagne, or other Mini Treats will be available if you choose to snack a little during your shoot. This is not necessary so don't feel obligated, personally I don't eat before sessions I have taken of myself but that is because I feel my sexiest when I am on am empty stomach, I also practice fasting, so for me this is easy. - YOU should do what YOU feel the most comfortable with. 

+ Becca, my personal Hair & Make-Up Stylist will be there with her make-up station set up and ready to go - I do recommend bringing your own foundation (just in case) - But that is all. - This will also be discussed prior to your session date. 

+ Hair and Make-up Styling generally takes about 1 hour to 1.5 Hours - Becca will coordinate what colors will best go with the outfits you brought with you. 

+ After Becca is finished styling you to look your best, we will begin picking which outfits are your favorite, which you feel more comfortable in, and which it is a MUST have. 

+ Your photography session will generally last about 1 - 2 hours. (closer to 1.5 but just plan to block the extra time to be on the safe side) I absolutely love photographing women for boudoir so I try to spend the needed time for each gal in front of my camera. 

+ I will share back of the camera sneak peeks so you know what to expect, how amazing you look, and what poses are really rockin' for you - I love this because I want you to feel your best and sharing is caring. 

+ At the end of your session, we will discuss proof turn around time, plan to meet for an image reveal and go over products you wish to invest in, and how your session went for you. 

+After Your Session+

 + We will discuss how long it will take for your proofs to be completed for viewed (1-2 weeks)

+ Schedule a date to meet over coffee or cocktails and view your proofs in person together 

+ Go over what products you are most interested in (albums, magazine, high-quality prints, canvases, heirloom boxes, digital galleries, ect...)

+ Place your order, payment for products will be due before delivery and I will hand-deliver them to you along with a gift bag from Katie Michelle Photography

+ I will email you another questionnaire asking specific questions on your session, a photo release option (based on your level of comfort), and a request to share your testimonial. 

And that is a general idea of how I work.  I sincerely hope this blog helps clear some things up for any of you lovely people interested in my photography and the boudoir process. - I'm out! 

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