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Do's & Don'ts

Preparing For Your Boudoir Session With Katie Michelle Photography

August 19th, 2020

1. (Applies only to those receiving hair and makeup services) Arrive at salon with clean/ washed hair

2. (Applies only to those receiving hair and makeup services) Arrive at salon w/ a fresh face

3. Do not get a spray tan prior to the session

4. Allow yourself 30 min extra for travel time/traffic

5. Shave legs/underarms if this is something you would normally do, stubble will NOT be edited out and would need to be requested at an additional fee of $200

6. If you choose to wax, please do so 3 days prior to the session so your skin is not irritated

7. Wear clear deodorant (no white armpits)

8. Do drink more water a week before the session, this will make your skin GLOW girl

9. Nails - please either A. Have nails painted a nice neutral color (something that goes with anything) B. No CHIPPED polish, or just have them nicely shaped

10. Wear loose-fitting clothing upon arrival, tight clothes often leave lines on the body which will definitely show in photos, we don’t want any unnecessary lines to take away from your beauty

11. Take time to pamper yourself before your session and get into your goddess vibe, trust me you will be so thankful you did!

12. You don’t need to spend a fortune on outfits, bring what makes you feel the sexiest/ seductive/confident if you are unsure bring it all and we can decide together.

13. DON’T FORGET SHOES; I can’t stress this enough, I totally get out hectic things can get when planning something so exciting, so shows can be easily missed, so make sure you have those packed and ready to go!

14. If you have accessories like stockings, jewelry, spouse's' shirt, props, don’t hesitate to bring them!

15. PINTEREST! Check it out, all day, if you have questions I can totally provide a style/ inspiration board that I am always adding fresh ideas to. This is great because it gives you and vision for what you want out of your session and what inspires you!

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