3 Lies You Can Tell Your Partner To Keep Your Boudoir Session a Secret 

While no not everyone that has a boudoir photoshoot does it for their partners if you do, here are some great ways to go about keeping your little secret tucked away until you’re ready to share the images with them.

1. I have a friend going to beauty school and they need a hair and makeup model for one of their classes - this one I had a client tell me about recently, how genius is that!?

2. You’re doing a girl's day with your bestie and part of it means getting hair and makeup done and then lunch/dinner with your bestie OR even your SO.

3. If you're engaged and to be married you can also tell your future husband/wife that you’re doing a hair and makeup test run before you decide on a look. And there you have it! 3 simple ways to hide your boudoir session until your images are completed and ready for the big sexy reveal.

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