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Hey there! First...Let me thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for visiting my website. I have been working on my photography for a very long time and continue to learn new things every day and it is a great honor that you have taken the time to view my work. So thank you so so so so so much.

Now let me introduce myself, I go by "Katie" but my biological name is actually Caitlin, yes with a "C". I can tell you why later. That said, I am a home grown Wisconsin gal and grew up in Milwaukee for most of my life. From Bayview, to South Milwaukee, to Oak Creek, to Cali, to Riverwest. I've been around the block! So I am pretty familiar with these areas.

I began my photography in high school but growing up I always loved art in general, painting, drawing, mixed media, you name it I loved it. I did my first session in 2008 of some of my fellow high school seniors, second shot my first wedding in 2009, built my portfolio as a portrait photographer between 2010 - 2011, and got serious about my passion in 2013. 

My favorite thing to photograph has always been people from the get go I knew that that's what I wanted.  Something about connecting with others and making them feel amazing about themselves is what I loved the most. I love seeing my clients faces when they see the finished product, yes you truly are that beautiful, handsome, awesome, and amazing!! Soon I began to realize I really loved photographing couples, especially couples in love. This is how I found my niche. I focus mainly on couples, engagements, and wedding photography...but I really just have a passion to photograph people in general.

My photography style is more photojournalistic rather than traditional posing but I do start off with some light poses to get my subjects comfortable. My favorite way to shoot is to capture candid smiles, raw affection, and genuine emotions. I find that capturing people in a natural state brings out an honest image of who they are. Which is why I like to say that all my sessions are unique to each client, I am not a cookie cutter photographer with a list of poses to go off of, I am attentive to the natural movement and flow of each session. My goal is to showcase how awesome you are, not to make my portfolio look great but to make YOU feel great.

That said a little about me as an individual, I currently reside in Riverwest renting a cozy apartment with my long term boyfriend and snowshoe siamese cat named “Miso” - (as in Miso soup). During the regular work week I do vehicle photography and on the weekends I really let my passion for couples and portrait photography shine. You’ll find me on the go usually with 3+ bags in tow probably on the way to either a photoshoot, errands or the gym. I find myself to be a laid back genuine individual myself and have a huge passion for photography - so don’t be shy if you want to know more! I would love to work with you and/or your significant other on creating something magical together so thanks again for getting this far, and hopefully we’ll talk soon.



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